Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Love Americal Idol: Feel Free to Hate on Me

A Disclaimer: I missed the first guy since the Clifford book O picked out ran a little long....but it was totally worth it. That Clifford!

Overview of the Night: Once again, it was a battle of the most boring songs known to man. Perhaps the first week's theme could be, songs that you won't hear in church or in an elevator?

My top three:

Lil Rounds (Brilliant)
Alex Wagner-Trugman (he brought some wacky)
Felicia Barton (how was she ever passed up the first time around?)

Honorable Mention: Jorge Nunez (but that's just because John's mad he cried and my including him will only annoy him more)

The worst:

Arianna Afsar

Taylor Vaifanu

Kristen McNamara

The one to haunt me: Nathaniel Marshall's headbands

The comment of the night: "Give me a high five, Ryan; I've got a stationary target."

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