Monday, March 2, 2009

Something New

Aside from all the money I'm rolling in from my blog's advertisements, the second greatest joy to a blogger are the comments. As a writer, you throw your thoughts, feelings, and incessant whining out into the great Internet abyss, having no idea who may actually be reading it aside from the actual number of people who click on the site.

It's a little unsettling as anyone or no one could be evaluating your words at any time.

For this reason, reading a feedback comment is a wonderful highlight. Much like the fruitless effort to correspond through a message in a bottle, a smoke signal, or real mail, there is always a somewhat futile hope you'll hear back....

But, ahhh, the comment!

Validation in Times New Roman.

Whether it's a friend, a parent, or the always curious "anonymous", it is always a joy to receive some feedback and now, thanks to a new feature on Blogger, you can get feedback on your feedback.

If you post a comment and would like to hear if anyone responds, attacks, mocks, or simply salutes your comment, you can now click on the little box under your Username and all subsequent comments will be sent to your email.

Fun, fun, fun!

Kind of makes you want to leave TONS of comments, right?