Thursday, March 5, 2009

They're Here

The the terrible twos refer to the tantrum filled, hair pulling period when your once sweet and cuddly baby turns into a defiant, violent, and nerve testing little tester, I actually believe that period starts closer to 18 months and lasts into the threes.

For that reason, I have been keeping a close eye on my little 20 monther for signs of the burgeoning monster within. And there have been flashes: red faced prostestations, cries of discontent, and even the occasional thrown object.

But, overall, it's been all quiet on the toddler front.

And then this week presented itself with some alarming, albeit tell-tale, signs:

1) The word "no". Up until now, Joseph has usually just grunted and shook his head; but now, he lets off a long, whiney "nooooooo" at every turn. And I mean every turn. He doesn't just say "no" to decline something, he says with each step he tales down the stairs. He says it as he walks along in play. He sings it in the car. It was cute the first day.

2) He's mastered the art of completely arching his back mid-tantrum.

3) He's been having real, lay down on the floor tantrums.

4) Toys have more consistently taken flight.

5) His face has arrived at new and unprecedented shades of scarlet.

These symptoms are clear and undeniable and lead me to only one conclusion.

We've arrived.


amy m. said...

I am so there with you. Patrick has mastered the art of "lead-butting" Lead as in the stuff that is in Chinese toys and bullets and cannon balls. When I take his hand to go somehwere and he is not in agreement, he slams his rear down into a seated position and will not, under any circumstances, get up. I have dragged in that position to both unwanted destinations and from places he is not ready to leave. Unfortunately, his formerly extremely easy-going 3 yr-old brother has adopted the same habit. No doubt he has adopted it due to the overhwelming success he sees his brother enjoying when he executes the move.

Margaret said...

Could it be Joseph learned a few tricks from his friends this past weekend?