Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seeing is Believing

After two weeks of fuzziness and headaches, I am finally heading to the eye doctor to endure an hour of crazy eye tests (yes, that's the accurate terminology) to see if I need glasses.

Of course, as I am confronting a minor life change, I start to come across all sorts of studies about people who have glasses. These studies include perceptions about heightened intelligence (I need all the credibility I can get) and attractiveness to the opposite sex.

This little piece by ABC News highlighted some of these ideas, but their little experiment was a poor attempt on so many levels. It did, however, establish that 66% of students believe their classmates who wear glasses are smarter.

I'll take it.

I'm not so sure what kind of glasses I would want, or how often I might have to wear them, but I am excited about the potential to look more writer-ly (yes, another accurate term), so I'll be throwing up a few "looks" to get a feel for what glasses would make me look cerebral AND fabulous.

Stay tuned...

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Julie Weaver said...

Glasses are fun, fabulous and oh so sexy! (Unless you go for the "B.C." variety). I've been wearing them my entire life, just got a new pair 2 weeks ago. They are very effective for giving the "scowl" with the glasses pulled down a little on the nose, raising the one distinct eyebrow, even more effective with hair in a bun. Everyone knows librarians are wild!

You have a smallish face and could probably get away with the "Sara Palin". My head is too big (no pun intended). Remember,to tell if the glasses you pick fit...your eyes should be centered in the lens. I like my "transition, featherweight, anti-glare" coatings.