Monday, February 2, 2009

My Own Version of Cleansing....

As I had mentioned last week, my family relocated to Norther Virginia for the week while my husband headed to balmy Chicago for a conference. Unfortunately, that week also corresponded to the week my parents shared a nasty stomach virus (together, so cute) and an ice storm.

Concerned that their infection may feast on us, my parents kept their distance and I watched the clock. According to everyone, if we made it three days without symptoms, we were in the clear. By Friday (the 4th day) by husband returned home to find two healthy kids and one relieved wife. All was well.

Friday night was less than well.

I got it bad and was almost as mad as I was beleagured. I thought I had made it! What happened?

I think I know. When I was a teacher, I would almost always survive the school day germs and then get sick just in time for vacation, when my body had time to relax.

And that is what happened. My husband returned, the burden of absolute parenting was lifted, and my steel curtain of mommyhood lifted....allowing the bug to get me.


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