Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Brother Abroad: The Superbowl Addition I

I'll admit that yesterday's countdown post lacked a bit, but it took a lot just to string it together...the keyboard looked fuzzy. Now, that's not meant as a whine....just an apologetic explanation.

However, now that I am officially back on my feet and two pounds lighter, I'll make today's post a more robust one, which is fitting given the sports fanatic that is my older brother.

The apropos Super Bowl subtopic?


For most people, a complete Super Bowl picture includes a large television, betting boards, lots of artery clogging snacks, and beer. It can be a keg or a can, fancy microbrew or the High Life, but it's part of the package (my non-alcohol drinking Grandpa even enjoys a few O'Douls...).

If you happen to be waging war in an Islamic country, alcohol is banned. That's right...after a long day in the hot desert sun, putting yourself in clear and present danger, there is no happy hour, no cold brew with which to unwind.

Except Super Bowl Sunday. On this hallowed, holiest of Americana holidays, every soldier is granted two beers in honor of the big game....and they wait all year for it.

We just got word via Nurse Julie that my brother has already imbibed his and, since his team is not one in the final championship game (he's a Giants fan....poor guy), he will not be waking at 2 am for the televised broadcast.

But he did enjoy the beers.

This is Day 19.

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