Sunday, February 1, 2009

And for my other brother.....

As military brats, there was never any home grown football team for which we'd all cheer. With parents as native New Yorkers (my mom was born and bred Bronx), the only family team was the Yanks, but that ended with baseball.

So, I'm guessing our unique tastes in teams may have something to do with the influences that might abound while we came of football appreciation age. My brother Paul, the eldest, was a Cowboys fan for a long time before a family intervention forced him to forego his lonestar state allegiance and settle with the Giants. My father has always been a Patriots fan, but most of that has to do with which Michigan players go where (M go Blue). My own introduction came around when we were stationed in the DC area and my 5th teacher threatened failure to any kid who didn't cheer for the 'skins. Unfortunately, that was also the season Joe Theisman suffered a stomach turning injury that would be replayed on our nightly news for an entire week.

That successfully turned me off football. It would take marriage, the spirit of the downtrodden, and a relocation to Philadelphia to reaquaint me with the sport.

My mom? She makes a mean dip.

So, since the only one with any interest in tonight's game is Mike...I might have to pull for the Steelers.

But what would an annoying little sister do?

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