Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthdays as a Thirty-something....

When we were little birthdays were anticipated as epic events; as teenagers and young adults, a welcome chance to be the center of a party; and as parents (when they do not involve your own children) they are often met with surprise as the excitement is filed away between daily grind and the aging process.

So, what does a birthday party look like in our house for the 33 year old patriarch?

-Party hats
-Cookie Puss Ice Cream Cake from Carvel
-Presents irregularly wrapped by the children (characterized by extravagant use of scotch tape and some revealing holes)
- A triceratops shaped pinata
- And balloons, lots and lots of balloons.

And, yes, I will post a ton of pictures tomorrow as nothing would please my husband more (he's getting grouchy in his old age).

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