Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Morning in Review

As I should have expected from throwing up a post about my son's great sleep patterns, he decided to put me in check by beginning his day at 4:30 am.

It's been all down hill from there (and, yes, at 11:48, he's already napping). But, like always, there are lessons to be learned:

1) If you serve breakfast at 6:15, don't count on anyone making it until the regular lunch hour. I never thought I'd be making mac and cheese before 10:30 after college.

2) Cheese sticks are great little snacks; they also make for crayon like instruments when rubbed repeatedly across freshly cleaned hardwood floors.

3) It may take an entire hour to get everyone dressed and ready for fun in the snow (at 8am), but you can expect the completion of a ripe diaper within seconds of exiting the house.

4) Before you tell your husband he can take the truck to work, make sure you take O's snow boots out of it.

5) Waterproof snow mittens in all their inflexibility are not friends to 19 month olds.

6) If you're having a bad morning, don't tempt fate by serving peas with your 10:30 lunch....although the color does seem to compliment the cheese on all over the floor.

7) Just when you think things couldn't get worse, the phone will ring and it will be your guardian angel (Joan...the most fabulous neighbor ever), asking if now is a good time to come over. She's made an extra lasagna for dinner and would like to give it to you. She also has some new books for the kids, a salad, and bread.

8) Say "yes" to Joan and do not care for a second what your floor looks like....she had little ones too once.

9) Be thankful Joan did not include a bottle of wine in her this point the grammar on the blog would already be compromised.

10) Pretend the quick floor cleaning you did will suffice for now, turn off the computer, and snuggle up on the couch with O to watch Horton Hears A Who for the 3,000th time.


Julie Weaver said...

If she ever feels the urge to move down south, there are several homes on our street that are for sale!!!

Chris F said...

Carrot sticks also double as crayons to the truly artistic-minded child. And a white wall is merely a blank canvas on which to create their masterpiece.