Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Something New To Add Some Gray To Your Hair

This may be the clearest example of faulty causal reasoning I have ever come across. It seems certain playground "mats", installed to protect children from dangerous falls, are actually causing serious burns to children with barefeet or even hands when they come into contact with the hot flooring.

The NYC park commissioner interviewed argued that the mats protect against serious injuries from falls, a more grave injury than the potential burn caused by the mats heated by the sun.

I realize common sense is kind of a crazy notion but, why not do something to address BOTH concerns?

I know...that's just crazy talk.

View the video below, but be warned, the pictures of a toddler whose feet were burned are pretty graphic. Also, if your child is anything like my daughter, a quick ride down the slide can often lead to a dismount on the backside with hands touching the ground....another potential for burns.

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