Friday, July 25, 2008

Life After Tomorrow

If you find yourself watching Annie daily, or you're simply a fan of the musical, or you appreciate an interesting and engaging documentary, a priority for you this weekend should be to see the remarkable work that is Life After Tomorrow.

In this film, Julie Stevens directs a retrospective on the Broadway musical sensation that was Annie. Stevens, who not only played Annie but is also a family acquaintance, focuses on the many young actresses who found stardom at 7, and then often found themselves washed up by age 12. The film explores the resulting influence that experience had on their subsequent years.

Former "Annies" such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Allison Smith offer candid insights into life as a young, theatrical starlet, and the film proves to be as much a celebration of a character who was adored by so many little girls, as it is a compelling study of childhood stardom.

The film earned more awards than I can list, and is certainly worth your time.

If it is not available at your local video store, you can grab it on Amazon or even borrow it from me...

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