Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Confession Time

I may or may not have inadvertently placed one of my daughter's favorite books in a place other than her bookshelf.

It is one of those lift-the-flap books, but this particular one has about 50 flaps per page!

And the main character is Barbie....not exactly classic literature.


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Never Settle said...

Lift-the-flap Barbie? Ack!

I happen to have a passion for children's literature (I say literature in a sense that it excludes the 'throw it together to earn a quick buck' books that are usually marketed following the release of a new toy or cartoon show).

My entire hallway is currently lined with MANY boxes of books that will find their way to bookshelves later this week. (We moved a few months ago and I lost my home office and the built-in shelving.) About 85% of the books are children's books... classics, new ones that are destined to be classics, and those that I bought purely for the illustrations.

Most people I know are aware that I have an extensive book collection and that my collection is as much for me as for my children. I have on many occasions received books as gifts. Unfortunately, they are often of the same caliber as the Barbie lift-the-flap that has somehow disappeared from your daughter's bookshelf.

My vote: forgivable.