Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daytime Silliness

Possible inspirations for Peanut's name may have comes from the wacky list of soap opera character names. Though I never got in to soap operas, thanks to my grandmother and college roommates, I do know the true meaning of "Bizarro World".

Names include:

Britta (She must come with her own filter)
Creed (Probably a fan of really bad music)
Delfina (A pineapple heiress?)
Drucilla (101 vampire bats?)
Field (This is just silly)
Harley (I actually met her)
Holden (what a phony)
Hutch (Excellent with dishware organization)
Justus (And a few thousand viewers)
Lahoma (Token Okie)
Lujack (His brother will make sure your car is never stolen)
Mouth (Married to Nose, Father to Ear)
Ridge (Jump! Jump!)
Taggert (Probably always coughing)
Tangie (The resident Puritan, I'm sure)
Yurie (三浦 友理枝)

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