Friday, April 24, 2009

Why I am Awful???

When I mentioned Chuck E. Cheese in the previous post, the obvious pitfalls probably came to mind (losing a child, allowing my child to enjoy the abundant germs, interactions with demon like children, etc); however, none of that actually pertains to this story.

We never even got to Chuck E. Cheese.

My mother-in-law had promised to take O to the Cheese when I put Joseph down for his nap so that she could have some fun and I could get some work done. Unfortunately, for the second morning in a row, my little miss refused to eat breakfast.

Not a bite!

Now, the magnets usually work well, but there are days when they definitely do not. So, when refusing to coorperate becomes an issue, all I usually have to do is issue an ultimatum: If you don't eat breakfast, we don't go to the park. It almost always works.

However, the threat of keeping her home from Daddy's work yesterday fell on deaf ears as she refused to eat the pancakes SHE asked for. Knowing that some of the women at the office had gone to great lengths to put the day together, I still let her go, well aware of the impact of idle threats.

Once again, today's threat of not letting her go to Chuck E. Cheese also fell on deaf ears.

This time, however, I was determined to follow through (despite the fact that I needed to get work done, and Grammy was looking forward to the time with her). I gave her three chances to pick up the spoon to eat the cereal SHE asked for, and she refused.

She talked about the cereal, she stirred the cereal, and she pushed the cereal away.

That was it. I calmly informed her of the consequences of her decision and, for dramatic effect, picked up the phone right then to also inform Grammy.

There were tears, there were promises to NOW eat, and there was even an attempt to offer up hugs and kisses to change my mind.

I stuck with it....and now, I am the meanest mom there ever was.

Sorry, Chuck.

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Amy M. said...

At what age do our parents stop having to beg us to eat and we have to start begging ourselves not to?
My sister actually pays my five year-old nephew to eat. Seriously...Don't you wish you were him? He gets "coins" aka whatever change they find around the house, or worse, whatever change they pull out of his bank only to make a big fancy showing of putting it back in as he swallows the last bite.