Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Though we still have not invested in that wind mill, our family has made some changes toward green livin' since last year.

Chief among them:

1) Since water bottle usage was probably our most egregious offense, we now have a water cooler stored in our pantry and a Brita for our fridge.

2) I am more conscious of wipe and paper towel extravagance.

3) I make an effort to keep the lights out (though that has as much to do with my husband's obsession with the energy bill as it does our planet) and I've been including a "light check" as our morning routine with the kids (O is the biggest offender here...always leaving the bathroom light on).

4) With the approach of fall signaling the purchase of a new car (my current car is only four years old, but it was attacked by a shark and bludegeoned with a toy broom -shout out to Joseph) we are considereing a hybrid purchase.

That's all for now....anyone else emply easy environmental changes to their daily routine??

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