Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Evidence

The above image was taken of the gifted shirt I previously mentioned in a post, not because I didn't appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift or the giver, but just because I was surprised it made through design stages before being disseminated to various merchants.
Now, I am certainly willing to overlook the mistaken comparatives (a lot refers to amount, while better refers to quality/degree), but the misspelled word, although a very common one, is kind of shocking.
To be clear, if you send me an email with a misspelled word, I DO NOT CARE. I misspell words all the time; however, before I designed, printed, and sold merchandise, I'd probably take the time to edit it and encourage the editing of others.
Am I crazy to have a hang up about putting it on my child?

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Chris F said...

Perhaps the whole shirt is dripping in subtle irony. The implication being that Dad knows "alot" to be proper usage, but Mom knows better?

This shirt vibrates on so many levels. Alot of levels, you could say...

Thank you for allotting the time to post this!