Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something New...

Olivia has always been pre-occupied with anything related to the bathroom and her involvement in it. Not only that, she loves to share.

Recently, she likes to evaluate any "substantial" bathroom visits she has, and compare any "substance's" likeness to a letter of the alphabet. Odd, but very accurate.

Common letters include "L", "I", "C", and the occasional "T"...and, of course, they're always capitalized (of course!).

Then, the other day, O marched out of the bathroom and declared that she had produced an "F". No longer amused by my daughter's scattalogical similes, I rolled my eyes and began another discussion about flushing and washing hands should come before anything else after a poop.

Just as I was about to repeat my message, my eyes caught sight of something completely unexpected: a perfectly formed, unimaginable letter "F". I'm not sure if it was my audible gasp or the subsequent laughter that alerted my husband's attention, but the next thing I knew, he was standing next to me in shared amazement.

"Wow, that sure is an "F". Now, wash your hands, please." I couldn't conceal my surprise, but also wanted to avoid actively encouraging her latest hobby.

Her father, on the other hand, was giving out high fives.


I actually had to tell him, "No, you will not take a picture."

We are great parenting partners, but some times our perspectives on how to raise a little lady are on opposite sides of the potty.

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