Friday, March 13, 2009

Changes in Me

When it comes to raising my children, I have always considered myself someone of mild temperment who tries to avoid yelling (even if it does result in bad singing), remain ever firm and consistent (my greatest struggle), and always remember that these little people are actually people, no matter how irrational, stubborn, and onery.

This constitution is tested daily, with some situations working out like a textbook and others leaving me wondering if I'm the worst mom ever. No matter the test, I also try to end each day by focusing on what went right and beginning each new day hoping for the best.

There are those times, however, when all of that pragmatism gets thrown right out the window.

Whether it's a mean kid on the playground, an adult that focuses on the negatives, or even a family member dispensing recurrent criticism, something inside me begins to rage. I don't care if there is merit in the actions or words, if it in someone seems disparaging to my child, I lash out.

I become a lioness who pounces in defense of her cubs.

Where does this come from? I am a rational person. I understand that kids can be mean and my children will learn that adults are too. I understand that not everyone thinks my kids are the greatest people on the planet (actually, I don't understand it....but I understand they might not be able to see it).

So why do I become so enraged?

Does anyone else feel the urge to tell off a snotty little kid who shoved your child on the slide? Does anyone else feel the urge to tell off an adult who says something negative about your child?

Am I alone? Or, does being a parent also mean all sense of stoicism and control goes out the window?

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Julie Weaver said...

Paul refers to me as "mama bear", because I think he knows that I'm not to be messed with when it comes to my children. It's instinctive.