Monday, March 9, 2009

A Brother Abroad

My husband is spending the week as an Ivy man, taking part in a program at Penn's Wharton School of Business where he attends seminars presented by various bigwigs in the world of business.

To kickoff the week's seminars, Sunday night hosted billionaire oil and gas executive (and one of America's best known entrpreneurs), T. Boone Pickens.

At 80 years old, my husband was struck by both his vitality and his very simplistic and intelligent sense of direction in taking the US off foreign oil dependency. His ideas are fresh, reasonable, and compelling, which is also why he's been called upon by anyone working toward alternative fuel sources, most notably President Obama.

But here's what my husband enjoyed the most.

Every year, this Wharton conference donates a portion of its tuition to a program known as "Wall Street Warriors", which helps military veterens carve out a career in finance after their service is done. This year marked the first time that two beneficiaries were in attendance of the conferece. One man, a Marine had lost both legs in service, while the other had put his financial business on hold after he was called back to duty in Iraq.

These men were recognized and applauded before T. Boone took the stage.

When the billionaire did appear, he again sought to recognize the two men for their service. He thanked them before saying:

"Before you guys leave tonight, get my info to contact me in Texas. I'm in a position financially to help you with your business."

Not a bad client to have.....

This is Day 55.

To learn more about the "Pickens Plan", a real plan for America's energy crisis, click HERE.

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