Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love Warm Weather

Every year I am surprised by the effect those first beautiful days of the year have on me. The sudden burst of energy, the unexpected clarity, and the sudden motivation to clean, play outside, and (dare I say it?) exercise.

On Saturday, as the thermometer crept toward a balmy 70 degrees, the Maid and her family headed to the zoo where our year membership gives us an all day pass, free parking, and access to normally pay per use activities (shout out to Lawyer Beth for the referral). The highlights included O's declaring the hippo's "tush to be too big" and Joseph roaring at the lions, as well as other unsuspected toddlers near by.

The rest of the weekend involved grilling, putting the swings back on the now weathered swing set, and realizing how sedentary and dreary our days have been.

I usually believe March is the cruelest month, but with weather like this, it may be okay.

Having said that, I should probably plan for the next Nor'easter soon.

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