Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulating Your Package

Since I am no economist, and the very thought of finance causes my eyes to glaze over, I often go to the most capable financial analyst I have ever met.

He also happens to sit across from me at the dinner table each night.

So, when the conversation came to the deficit, the stimilus package, and how much money we really need to stimulate this terrifying economy, I asked my husband what a trillion really was.

Recognizing that his wife's mathematic comfort zone does not go beyond counting the metric verse in a line of poetry, he put it to me like this:

Let's pretend we all live at the time of Jesus Christ. If at that time, we put aside one million dollars a day.....we still wouldn't have a trillion dollars in savings by the time we reached today's date.

But I probably would have a deck.


Anonymous said...

For the purposes of the calendar, as us Christins know it, Christ was actually born in 7BC(it sounds dumb but it's correct, look it up).

-So take 2008+7BC=2015
-Take 2015*365 days=735,475
-Take 735,475 and add 42 days in 2009=735,517
-Take 735,517*$1,000,000=$735,517,000,000 (that's 735 billion)

So this is $265 billion short of $1Trillion.

Keep in mind....the US National Debt is $10 Trillion! NICE!

Samantha said...

You said "stimulating your package"... hee hee... ;)

One Maid A' Milking said...

Samantha- Finally!!! Someone laughed at that!

And as for Anonymous...I told you Jesus was actually born 7 BC, John/Anonymous/John.