Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Like many couples I know, we decided as a couple to forego the fleeting flowers and evil chocolate for something small and recession mindful.

Turns out, I got the best gift ever (even better than the puppet).
My husband let me sleep in, which I kind of did despite a lot of mayhem occurring downstairs. Dishes were banging, children were shouting, and O was even sent up at one point to make sure I was staying in bed.

Before I knew it, an army of apron-clad redheads entered my room equipped with croissants, coffee, steak and eggs, banana, and the best Mimosa I have ever had.

Even better, the next hour we spent together curled up in the covers was perfection.

The traditional overtures of romance may have changed, but the feelings of love have compounded.

I hope everyone enjoys their day in their own perfect way as well.

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