Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've Got An Idea

Now when I say that, my friends and family usually head for the hills....I am a dreamer, which is probably why I married the most practical, grounded man on the planet and also why I keep my dad and my friend Susan close at hand.

But forget necessity, I'm beginning to think insanity is the true mother of invention (especially since the two so often go hand in hand).

As I posted a few days ago, when I spend the morning negotiating the consumption of breakfast, wrestling clothes on very fast children, and trying to keep my son out of EVERYTHING so I can just do something that makes me look less like a homeless woman, I am sometimes ready to have a tantrum of my own.

Instead of turning into THAT mom, however, I just remember someone telling me that it is all just a small moment in the day and I suddenly break into a quiet rendition of one of my least favorite songs, "One Moment in Time".

Nuts? Maybe.

But it distracts my children for a moment, allowimg me to regroup and prevents me from screaming like a banshee and accomplishing nothing aside from a great lesson in screaming.

So why not make a compilation?

What other songs would be good in the vein of "Mommy on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"?

I can't stand "I Will Survive", though it may be fitting; but, there have to be other songs that fit a near meltdown moment.

I'll be brainstorming in the Comments section all day...with a frequency that may or may not depend on inspiration.

Will see if O agrees to the jean skirt.


Chris F said...

I would be partial to "Let It Be"... although "Cry Baby Cry" may be more appropriate, at least from a Beatle point of view.

Amy M. said...

I like to make up my own words to popular songs.
My own reflux baby, Patrick, had his very own theme song I would scream to him while I showered or cleaned up. It went to the tune of “Hey There, Dalilia (sp?)”

“Hey Patty, Patty you’re just sittin’ in your bouncer

You’re just chillin’ watchin’ fish swim ‘round

After downin’ an eight-ouncer

How’s it feel?

Is form-u-la a yummy meal?
What’s the deal?

Hey Patty Patty is your diaper full of poopy

‘Cause it’s startin’ to stink a little

And your pants are lookin’ droopy

What ‘ya think?

Are you the source of that foul stink?

If yes, just blink.

OOOOOOH crying in your criiib
Soon you’re sleeping in your criiib
OOOOOOH laughing in your criiib
But soon you’re puking in your crib
Puking in your crib
Let’s go get another bib."

I know it's bad, and there are a few more versus that drag daddy and big brother into it. However, when your muse is a sleepless puking and screaming baby you can't expect much. I'll have to think of one for "The Maid."

One Maid A' Milking said...

I like "Let it Be" and as for the "Hey there Delilah" revision, it totally reminds me of the redux John and I used to sing of 50 Cents "Party in the Club", which we redid for bathtime..."Party in the Tub...bathtub full of bubs..."

You get the idea.