Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Come to This

We have officially arrived at early adolesence.

My daughter brought home a box of 52 evil candy bars with a letter heralding the onset of this year's fundraising drive for school supplies.

I lasted 45 minutes.

Really, it would have been sooner, but I waited until the children were sleeping so that they would not be subjected to the image of their mother inhaling a Kit Kat (or kitty kat, as Grandpa Mahony fondly calls it), in a fashion that emulates Cookie Monster.

Today the candy went to work with my husband.

Maybe that'll stimulate some economy.....over-sugared brokers could really get something started.

1 comment:

Amy M. said...

I ate all the Valentine Hershey Kisses. It took me five days, but the bag is kicked. I sneak them while I am cooking dinner, while I hypocritically deny snakc to my sons. I am Amy, and I am a candy-aholic.