Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Votes Are In....

The idea for this week's poll was inspired by the enviable experience enjoyed by Chris F. who got to meet Grover (yes, that Grover) at his place of business, which also happens to house the business of Sprout. Though the picture will certainly earn Chris some major props with his little angels (and Susan), the best part of the story has to be when Chris declared to Grover that he'd been waiting 30 years to meet his blueness. Hearing this Grover could only respond as Grover would, by calling Chris a "procrastinator".

Let me begin by saying how sad I am for Fozzi Bear who received no votes and, much like his always maligned comedy act, fails to connect with any kind of audience. Dr. Teeth, on the other hand, will probably be fine with it.

He's that kind of monster.

The rest of the votes were not at all surprising.

First place turned out to be a three way tie between Miss Piggy, Grover, and Kermit the Frog. My own vote went to Miss Piggy since I consider her to be my personal mentor, but I have always loved Grover, loved my Grover doll, and the love one of the most engaging children's works of the literary canon: Grover Plays Hide and Seek. Of course, I also feel much love for Kermit whose succinct surmise of life helped me endure freckles as a teenager in California: It ain't easy being green.

Is there any question of Jim Henson's gift to humanity?

Second place went to Elmo, a vote that may have as much to do with his cuteness as the way in which he entertains our children to no end (I have a friend who could only trim her son's fingernails if he was in a hypnotic state induced by Elmo).

Bert and Ernie tied for third with Big Bird in recognition of their timelessness and likability....and rubber duckies will never be looked at the same.

Finally, Animal earned one vote and whomever cast it must be compelled to look within and consider the subconscious, psychological implications of such a preference. Anyone want to come clean?
On to the next vote.....

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