Monday, January 19, 2009

For The Smarties in the Pants

I just registered to take the online Jeopardy! test for this year in the hopes that I may happen to get a group of questions that all have to do with Shakespeare, linguistics, green tea, and pop culture. I may even pull in my Grandpa as a ringer for the inevitable Bible category, but if it's opera, I may not have any hope. Damn that Puccini!

Honestly, I have never been called, but this will be the first year I cannot blame my failure on pregnancy or lactation fatigue. Was that too much information?

Anyway, there's no committment to join and if you do well enough, they call you in for a personal interview.

If you're interested in trying out for the show, or just want to go through the fun of playing, click here to register for the test, held on Tuesday, Jan. 27 at 8 PM for East Coasters.

Good luck....

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