Friday, January 23, 2009

Question of the Day

So, let's just say I know a little boy of 3 who has entered into a rather startling phase.

He likes to stand in lofty places where he can be easily viewed and drop trow.

Yes, it's funny, especially when he encourages people to look at him in all his glory (imagine the ads on this blog if I used the scientific term?...that would be funny and startling too).

If your his mother, however, the humor in it may quickly wear off after multiple showings in a variety of places (public parks, kiddie parties, etc).

I told her to warn him that such a practice would result in his catching a cold and a subsequent trip to the doctor's. She's going to try it, but we're not very hopeful.

Any advice for our little exhibitionist?


Samantha said...

Has she tried giving him a consequence... immediately leaving the place where he does it if its a play date or a party, or taking away a favorite toy, TV priveleges, etc.?

Julie Weaver said...

It seems to happen most when I'm, eh-hem, she's not present! She hears about it from the witnesses.

Samantha said...

Oh, that makes it a lot tougher. Smart boy! :)