Monday, January 19, 2009

Headline of the Day Meets Question of the Day

Among the many great questions confronting growing families, the decision to expand the brood often has a lot to do with gender. I know tons of families who have two and three children who are all the same gender, and debate whether or not they should "go for" the girl or boy.

One of my friends in particular (a mother of two awesome little boys) told me that she'd love to have a girl, but wouldn't want that to be a sole motivation for ever deciding to have another. She would decide when some time had passed and if her feelings were for a baby, any baby (with a secret little hope that pink was in the future).

Regardless of the gender make-up of your family or your decision to expand, a controversial new study suggests that a woman's diet may influence the gender of their child. This is yet another theory that has people buzzing, much like the Shettles Method that is advocated by everyone from American Baby to Dr. Oz.

What does the new study assert? In a nutshell, if you eat a lot of breakfast cereal, salt, and potassium, you are apparently more likely to have a boy.

Though this theory has gained a lot of attention, it contradicts the entire scientific community's belief that the man determines the gender of the baby; the mother is simply the carrier.

To read more about the study, click HERE.

Personally, I don't buy it, but I do know that the timing discussed in the Shettles Method does have a lot of proof behind case you're interested.

Finally, this leads us to a great question of the day. You actually can select the sex of your child (through some pretty invasive procedures). The question is, would you?


Amy M. said...

OMG...My entire daily diet, both before and aster kids, looks like this:

7 AM: As much of any kind of non-sugary cereal (I know, shocking) as I can cram down my throat.

9am-9pm: Salt

My children's rooms like this:
Baby #1: Boats
Baby #2: Cars
At least now I know why. And while another boy would would have many wonderful advantages, I would choose a girl for number three (if I lost my mind and had another, that it!) Does that make me a bad person? I'm not sure.

Julie Weaver said...

Here's my take on is extremely difficult to change the pH of your matter what you eat. Your body automatically converts it to it's happy pH of about 7.4.

The best way to choose the sex of your baby is to have the sperm spun to separate the xx from the xy and have the turkey baster on hand.

Love Nurse Julie