Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Small Step for Joseph, One Giant Step For....

So, my son still has no tooth and likes to sleep through the night with the frequency of a full moon, but yesterday morning we conquered one of the most important milestones in a (little) man’s life.

No, he did not put the toilet seat down (or use it, for that matter)

He did not forget to call me.

And, no, he did not get lost and agree to ask directions.

He took his first step….I think.

He has been standing for quite a while, and each time he does, my daughter and I count to see how long he can go before he sits down. As usual, we started counting as he stared at us, wide-eyed. However, just as we were getting to 6-7-8, he lifted his leg and moved his foot forward about one inch.

It’s a step…right?

I think it’s a step. Of course, I have been trying to have him do it again when witnesses are present (not that Olivia isn’t credible….sort of), but I feel the need to have someone else confirm what I saw.

And the most amazing thing about it is, his older sister took her first step exactly two years ago to the day….April 15th, Tax day and Paul the Great’s birthday!!

And, if he is ready to walk, I think life as I know it is over.