Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pure Fabulousness

In addition to sagging skin, exhaustion, and a host of other treats I've enjoyed post-partum, new developments have surfaced in regard to my hair.

Now, I have heard of women complaining (or rejoicing) in the fact that, throughout their pregnancy, the texture and look of their hair changed dramatically. Hair that was once limp and shapeless was now thick and shiny; or, hair that had previously been boyount and full, was now limp and lifeless. Personally, my own hair didn't really change (other than my indifference toward it as I gradually became larger and larger), and so I just chalked the experiences of others up to one of the many wonders of pregnancy. I did lose a lot of hair, but having been blessed/cursed - cursed/blessed with very thick hair, it was never a big deal. Besides, I was too busy trying not to bump into people with my burgeoning belly.

But pregnancy, for me, is over....and now, it seems, my hair issues have just have begun.

Here is the problem: As you can see from the image above, in addition to having no shame (that picture is frightening), I also am experiencing the new hair growth that is common for women to develop post-partum, especially when they've lost a lot of hair during pregnancy. At first, it was very Katie Holmes. The small hairs that peppered my forehead, giving the appearance of over-cut bangs, were kind of a funny hallmark of my liberation from pregnancy internment. But, with the passage of time....not so funny.

These new hairs are overtaking my head.

It now appears that I have a tribble growing out of my forehead, with no intention of leaving or doing anything else that may make it less noticeable.

And I've tried everything to hide it (brush it a thousand different directions, plaster it with hair products, anchor it with clips and headbands), but the damn, little gremlin will not relent.

What am I supposed to do? Wait patiently while it grows out and just try my best to avoid scaring small children? Try to convinve myself I am one of the those women who can pull off a hat?

Put on clothes that look charred, paint my face with charcoal, and stutter to people that lighting is really wild?

Decorate it with baby's breath?

Spike it and attempt to get better reception for my cell phone?

Tease the rest of my hair to match it and go around asking people when the Bon Jovi concert starts?

Please let me know if you have any ideas to help my worthwhile cause...
In the meantime, I have to work on my other hair dillemma...growing out my eyebrows to suit the current, fuller style look. (If yours look like dental floss, you may want to consider this as well). So far, I have just told people I am growing them out when I catch their stares resting above my eyes but beneath my tribble (I'm really an amusement park for the eyes these days).
However, I have been having more fun telling people I just wanted to give the "Whos" a place to vacation away from Whoville.


Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

I'm there too. Nothing you can do but wait it out, or try a do-rag? OK and eyebrows? capris? Where do you find this info...I'm so in the dark! I better start reading Vogue and Elle to stay in the loop and rely on your tricks now!

Samantha said...

I have to say, I totally feel your pain... I wish I had been prepared for this prior to having Katy and Reilly! I'm four years out now, and I feel like my hair has never fully recovered. Moms everywhere are with you. :)