Monday, April 14, 2008

For the Birds

If you can believe it, the determined blue bird has resisted capitulation and remains determined to enter my home through our back sliding glass doors. From sun up to lunch time, I watch this little guy ram his head into the door and claw at it. While he makes his assualt, I swear I hear what seems to be the faint chanting of "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" from his fellow blue bird buddies, who are egging him on from the comfort of the birdhouse.

In an attempt to derail his daily determination, I did what any normal person would--

I had a picture of my husband blown up and I taped it to the door to serve as a pseudo-scarecrow.

Now, I am not suggesting that my husband is anything other than the most hansome man I have ever laid eyes on; but, this particular picture is one in which he is making a hysterical expression that, despite its failure to scare away the bird, supplies me with endless laughs throughout the day.

And it seems to be an effective means of keeping the neighbors away (what's up Reim-timers?).

So, I am sure you all may be wondering why I did not post this hysterical photo to accompany this piece. Well, there is one little problem with husband would be less than pleased, despite the smiles it would surely bring to thousands of faces (or the two of you who actually read this blog).

The result: a campaign to get his okay to post the picture. If you know my husband and have his home email or phone number, feel free to encourage him to share the humor. If you do not, but think you have a good reason why he should, please post a comment for him to read.

Thanks in advance and with the right cojoling, hopefully I'll have the image up for you some time this week.

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Melissa said...

It's amazing how much dirt one can obtain about one's boss via his wife's blog! I love it!