Monday, August 18, 2008

This One's For The Girls

My weekend was wonderful.

We went to the park, the indoor playground, the ice cream stand, and on long walks throughout our neighborhood. It was lovely, and it was fun, and it was a distant memory come Saturday night when I led skidmarks in the driveway as I headed out for a much needed Girls Night Out.

Thanks to Amanda in the trenches' initiative in planning the event, and Beth the Lawyer's hospitality in hosting the pre-party, a group of seven women (who aren't afraid to find a little trouble) enjoyed the one thing that mother's rarely make a priority...the company of girlfriends.

I'm not sure of the exact moment when I started laughing, but I know I didn't stop until some time around midnight,when my ability to party like a rockstar began to wane. We talked a lot about our kids, a little about our husbands, and then put that all behind us and actually allowed ourselves to talk about ourselves.

Imagine that! We are actually people beyond wife and mother! Who knew?

And though I cannot reveal all the good conversations we had (that is a clear rule out of the Girlfriends Handbook, page 726), but I will say that my hours spent with Beth, Amanda, Karen, Kim, Liz, Vida, and Missy were fine food for the soul....even if my own choice of food was not as well received*.

*Escargot is yummy! Anyone?

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