Monday, August 18, 2008

The Sisterhood

I am a firm believer in the importance of date night. If you have a trusted babysitter, you and your spouse must exploit them for some regular alone time, which is not only necessary for keeping your relationship healthy, but also your parenting. Happy homes are just as much about taking care of the kids as they are about taking care of all your relationships....

....including your relationships with your girlfriends.

WARNING: Cornball alert

My groups of girls fall into 3 categories:

1) My College Buddies: (aka my soul sisters)- This group is made up of the girls with whom I survived college. In a time when you change more in a short few years as a woman, than you do your entire adulthood, the bond you establish with your girlfriends is truly like no other. Though Margaret, Danielle, Kristine, the amazing Amys, and I have all gone our separate ways, seeing and talking with them always feels familar. Time and distance affect us little, even though our lives have changed a great deal.

2) The Wives Club: Our husbands all grew up closely as friends and we, the wives, fell into friendships rather serendipitously. Though a very diverse cast of characters, the conversations never lack, nor does the laughter, and as the years pass it seems we share so much more than our respective relationship to the Heritage Valley Posse.

3) The Playgroup: New mothers in a new community meant lifesavers in sanity as we shared the challenges of the terrible twos and whatever phase our kids are going through this week. Fortunately, our common link proved to be only one of the many bonds we have formed since first meeting, and these newest of friends are also the truest of friends.


Amy M. said...

College Buddies are overdue. Tuttle? Wylie? Cruickshank? Do you hear me?

Amy M. said...

Weaver...I did not mean to leave you out of the list below. While I do not have you pegged as the, well, sensitive type, I have learned my lessons with Donna and Schirmer. Please be aware, that since this is your blog, you are an "understood" recipient of my "comments." Go Saints.
Now how about some more pics of Michael Phelps?