Friday, August 22, 2008


So I have been hearing rumblings from other mommy friends that their children are giving up their naps. Our pediatrician, in fact, had gone so far as to suggest that when children reach the wonderful age of three, most transition out of them.

I chalked that little tidbit up to medical quackery, and instead chose to live a nice comfortable life of denial.

Until yesterday.

After heading home from a lovely playgroup at Cool Man Kyle's, my little ones drifted off to Sleepyland when we were just about ten minutes from the house. This is always a great situation, since they almost always transition into their respective crib/bed without so much as a peep.

Yesterday, things did not follow the normal course. As we pulled in, my cleaning lady was heading out and the mere sight of her was enough to awaken my groggy girl into full blown excitement, and there was no turning back.

Realizing what was before me, I put the little guy to bed and explained to my girl that, since there would be no nap, she would have some quiet O time in her room while I had some Mommy time and Joseph had Joseph time. (Though I had picked this trick up from more than a few friends, I remained incredulous).

She agreed and so I surrounded her with books and puzzles in her bed and left to attend to some crucial snacking, email reading, and, of course, blogging.

All was quiet for a good 30 minutes. Too quiet.

I crept up the stairs fully expecting to find something painted, glued, or ablaze and was in a state of shock when I found none of the above. She was simply fully engrossed in Because A Bug Went Kachoo.

I said to her, "Hey, Olivia time is over. Would you like to come downstairs and color with me?"

"Oh no, Mommy", she replied, "I still need Olivia time. But I will come downstairs soon and give you a big hug."

And she did...ten minutes later...and it was the best hug ever.


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