Monday, August 18, 2008

A Test

The Top 7 Signs That You Are Overdue For A Girls Night Out:

7) You purposely time the arrival of the mail so you can head down to the mailbox at the exact moment the postal carrier arrives for the sole puspose of enjoying some live, adult conversation.

6) If you were to make a list of the girlfriends with whom you have spent the most time this month, Oprah would top the list.

5) If someone were to ask you to name your favorite musicians of late, you'd be hard pressed to name anyone other than Lori Berkner, Dan Zane, They Might Be Giants (for their latest songs only), and DJ Lance.

4) You run into a girlfriend at the store, but neither one of the recoginize each other in your sweats, pulled back hair, and bleary, sleep-deprived eyes.

3) You ask your children for advice about fashion...and follow it.

2) You spend so much time on the phone with your girlfriends, your children use their toy phones every time they need to talk with you.

1) You're encouraging your husband to dress in pastels and talk about hair removal options, the best way to use Gym-bucks, and whether or not he thinks Jennifer Aniston will ever find true love.

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