Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Way With Words

Yesterday was a tough one, so I am playing catch up with the slogging.

As I left the grocery store well over a year ago, my daughter asked for one of the many balloons they always have at the registers in ACME (part of the reason I now shop at Shop Rite). I declined her request, and that response was met with a little bit of resistance.

The cashier, who apparently chose misery as her favorite hobby, snarled:

Comment: "Uh oh, looks like someone missed their nap".

What I wanted to say: And it looks like someone missed her chance to use one of her two brain cells.

What I could have said: She did and now she is so miserable. What's your excuse?

What I did say: No, she's just upset with your selection of baby foods.

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