Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Couldn't Make This Up

I have often said that, were it not for the magic of email, I probably would have lost touch with a lot of good friends a long time ago. And not because I did not value our walks through life together, but because it is so hard, on any in given day, to sit down and devote serious time to reconnecting.

I certainly have my regulars, with whom a conversation is quick, natural, and requires no explanation of background information or prologue. There are others, however, with whom I like to speak and keep in my life, but who also require a lot of time.

But there comes a point when you realize too much time has passed, and you need to pick up the phone.

And so I did. I reached out to the only friend in high school for whom I have a number and decided it was time to catch up.

I had no idea what was waiting for me on the other end.

After the usual, meaningless pleasantries, I filled her in on all that was new with me and pressed her to fill me in on her latest adventures. Unfortunately, those were not so pleasant.

What she began to tell me was not only shocking and uncomfortable, but also the stuff of literature. It seems, hers has not been a happy life since we last met and after two hours of her talking and me listening, I struggled to wrap my head around how differently our lives had gone, and how easily they could have been transposed.

After refecting on our conversation for a few days now, I started to confront my own little pity party (the last few weeks have not been great), and I began to fully realize that whomever thought that the idea of skipping through life was the way to go, never headed across the Cross Bronx Expressway and all its glorious potholes.

So I have spoken with her again and again. And she has agreed to let me tell her story.
What does this mean? It's time for the writer in me to come out and put the blogger in check. I will still be generating my daily blog, but I will also be including a new weekly installment that is dedicated to this tale that needs to be told.

I have not (and will not) designate a specific date for posting as I have no idea where this will take me. I guess I am just giving anyone who regularly reads this a head's up for something different on the horizon.

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