Friday, February 15, 2008

Week in Review

My first full week as a blogger has come to a close and what a week it has been! Thanks to everyone who has visited the site, especially those who posted comments or sent in pictures.

My hope is that this site becomes a portal for all things relating to mommy-hood, including stories, advice, ideas, concerns, events, and, yes, the greatest pictures of our favorite subjects. If you have any of the above, feel free to email them to me at:, or my personal email if you have it.

And now for my newly instituted weekly tradition..

The Top 5 Things I Have Learned This Week

5) Lycra is the new black
4) Tracheotomy tubes + Gymboree = disaster
3) Shoes do not make the man
2) Every time I see a “kitty” cat on television, I can’t help but snicker
1) If I want to continue to generate traffic on this site, I must put Lawyerboy and
disgruntled wife on my payroll (see worst valentine ever)

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