Monday, February 11, 2008

Must See Clip

I have to say I have seen a lot of videos of kids reacting wildly to a whole slew of different Christmas gifts..from screaming, jumping up and down, and dancing- the reactions are always great and warm the hearts of even the biggest scrooges. However, the clip below is by far the best reaction I have EVER seen. The young boy is obviously from a family that cannot afford to live extravagantly and his sweet and sincere reaction to receiving the X Box 360 is priceless. He is utterly speechless, and as he continues to unwrap the various accessories that come with it, he cries, hugs his parents, and worries whether they can really afford it. Somehow my celebratory moonwalk pales in comparison… be sure to watch the whole clip.

1 comment:

toothmomma said...

OK...You made me cry with that one!!