Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Note For Fathers- Valentine's* Day

Realizing that mothers are my target audience, I am certain there may be a few fathers reading this blog to find out what is being discussed, what advice is being disseminated, and whether or not some evil woman is filling their wives’ minds with black magic. For those men, I have created the following list of fail-safe Valentine gifts that every mother would be elated to receive.

A tip- Avoid flowers (children like to eat them) and chocolate (we can’t afford the calories since we all so want to look like Nicole Richie). Also, unless you are planning to use your tax return for diamond studs that require their own zip code, forego jewelry for the following gift ideas:

Top 5 Valentine Gifts for the Mother of your Child(ren)

5) Decide to go into work an hour late and prepare a full breakfast for your wife…a breakfast you will also clean up (and no, that does not mean simply moving the dishes from the table to the sink.—actually try washing them).

4) Come home for lunch…with lunch from her favorite, casual eating spot. Allow her to eat quietly and read a magazine while you play with the kids (who will also enjoy the surprise of your presence).

3) Come home early (perhaps you’re picking up on a pattern). Don’t tell her…just show up. If you do this, flowers and chocolate will only further enhance the arrival (diamonds too). Plan accordingly.

2) A Day at the Spa- This may mean a full day of massage, facials, waxings, and other beauty treatments; or, it may just be a manicure and pedicure with time off to shop or simply drive in the car while listening to something other than Lori Birkner or The Wiggles.

1) ALL OF THE ABOVE (plus a generous gift card to her favorite clothing store so she can shop without having to think of how she'll explain why she needs another pair of shoes).

Valentine*- Also suitable for Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, and Birthdays

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Amanda said...

I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or what but I cried when I read this. Do I need a day off?