Monday, February 11, 2008

I Couldn't Make This Up...

So this story comes thanks to one of my most fabulous friends, Stacey, and her beautiful daughter. To say Stacey’s daughter is a little advanced is to say Brittney Spears is a little troubled and the following story is great evidence of her intelligence.

Here it goes…A not so fond memory of Stacey’s childhood comes from her mother’s insistence of referring to the female “nether regions” as one’s “kitty”…an obvious analogy to a harsher term. “Did you hurt your kitty?” “Did you take care of your kitty?” “Don’t even think about letting anyone near your kitty!” Needless to say, she always used the term to discuss the ins, outs, and troubles of said anatomy…even in polite company. The result: mortification for Stacey with a promise to never use anything but accurate language when it came to similar discussions she would inevitably have with her own daughter.

Then one day….Stacey’s mother was to spend the day babysitting her daughter, at which point Stacey reiterated her wishes to only refer to girl parts by their accurate, technical, scientific name…and not the dreaded “kitty”. She laid down the law to her mother and went on her way, leaving her darling sponge of a daughter with her mother.

Upon her return, everything seemed fine and well and she thanked her mother for her care. However (you must know what’s coming…) later that evening, Stacey’s daughter followed her into the bathroom as she was often want to do (curiosity is a constant companion of cleverness). As Stacey prepared to use the bathroom, her daughter stared at her – wide eyed and full of wonderment—smiled, pointed to her female anatomy and said, “Meow”.

Lesson: No matter what kind of mother you may be, you can’t change your own.

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