Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No, You Did Not Just Say That....

So new father Joel Madden had this to say of his girlfriend, Nicole Richie, who very recently gave birth to their daughter, Harlow Winter:

"She's a wonderful mother and she looks really hot already," the Good Charlotte rocker tells People. "The girl is gifted, man. Women hate her because she looks good being pregnant and then has the baby and looks sexy. There's something so attractive about her now. It's a motherly glow."

I’m sorry….what? Jealous? Here’s what I’m jealous of, Joel. I am jealous of her personal trainer, personal chef, full time nanny (actually, not really that one), and her nutritionist who all collaborate to help her maintain that “motherly glow” (I guess I should include her dermatologist too).

Secondly, you obviously haven’t met my friend, Susan, who looked like she was ready for a photo shoot one week post-partum (and, yes, I’m pretty sure she sold her soul to the devil as well).

Finally, I am sure that there are many mothers and fathers who are very jealous of the fact that you have been blessed with a perfectly healthy baby. And so, now, let’s try to keep our eye on what’s truly enviable, shall we?

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Mabel said...

I must comment on this one...
My second child is now 8 months old and my body still isn't back to what it once was. I have finally come to the realization that it will never be the way it was because I no longer have, nor will I ever have, two hours a day to spend at the gym. My workout now consists of chasing after my extremely active two year-old and carrying around my chubby 8 month-old. It's the most rewarding and constant exercise I've ever done. However, there are days I wouldn't mind having a nanny just so I could once again experience one full hour to myself.
Celebrities may look really good after having their babies, but how many of them get to experience the moments that we do with our kids?