Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Top Dog

I realize this has nothing to do with motherhood, but I couldn't resist putting up a post about this cute little guy. This is Uno, and he is the first beagle in the 100 year history of the Westminster Dog Show to win the top spot.

According to the AP, Uno won, "beating out two perfect poodles, a top Sealyham terrier, a sleek Weimaraner, a lively Australian shepherd and a sprightly Akita...Uno celebrated by chewing on the microphones of reporters who tried to interview his winning crew. Those had to suffice for the yellow, soft duck that's his favorite toy." -- and that's exactly how my 7 month old son would celebrate auch a triumph (my God, will those teeth break through already????).

On a personal note...shout out to Skippy, my first pet, a Beagle of mixed breed and pure heart and soul. You are missed, faithful friend.

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