Wednesday, February 20, 2008

South Jersey Livin'

As winter wears on with no sign of warm weather in sight, my personal creativity is all but drained. We go to Little Gym and playgroups, Imagination Quest and the library; we’re even signed up for another session of Music Together just because I can’t resist spending too much money to watch my little red head bang some bongos. We’ve exhausted the kid crafts aisles at Joann’s and AC Moore, Michaels and even CVS and it’s not even March!!

So, when Debbie the Great suggested we (the perfect playgroup…hey) try Tot Soccer, I promised to be her personal servant for a month, knowing full well that such servitude would require her to feed me and, if you knew her husband Dave (shout out to D-Dog) and his undeniable cooking skills (second only to his nunchuck skills), you’d understand that I would actually be the one making out on that deal.

Here’s why Tot Soccer is a great way to spend your Tuesday:

1) Tot Soccer is part class, part chaos, and a perfect way to get your little ones moving (and exhausted) when the weather fails to comply.
2) Classes are pay as you go ($6 a kid), so you do not have to commit to a full term of classes in the event your child isn’t into it, or you just feel like taking a week off.
3) Coach Mike is as fun as he is goofy, and manages to keep things light as only half the kids really listen and complete the drills (the rest are running wildly, playing with the arcade games, or hanging from the rafters) …and it’s all good.
4) After 20 classes, your little one gets a trophy….very cute.

Keep in mind…
* The first 20 minutes are a “free for all” and so many kids find themselves already exhausted by the time Coach Mike comes in to start the games and exercises. So, try to come at 10:15 or even a little later to ensure your little tot can hang the whole way.

* Bring the Purell. It is a roller hockey arena and the ubiquitous scent of gamey men cannot be denied. Not that it’s dirty….but after they roll around on the floor for an hour and a half, you’re going to want to hose them down.

* Beware of tag-along spouses. Given the opportunity to already begin to shape your little one into the next draftable athlete or simply to relive 7th grade memories of skating parties and first crushes, your spouse may want to come along as well…which is always a good thing!

For more info, call (856) 582- 1600

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