Friday, February 22, 2008

Making Memories

If you’re like me, when I’m given a drawing, a painting, or even a leaf by my daughter, I find it very hard to throw it out. The result: I have a pile of arts and crafts in my closet that can only be rivaled by the equally high pile of laundry I’m pretending does not exist in my laundry room.

To make matters worse, I want to display all her masterpieces so she knows how much I cherish them, but I only have so many walls and refrigerators. If you find yourself in a similar dilemma, consider the following…

1) Buy a few nice frames or shadow boxes that compliment your kitchen or family room and really display your child’s art. As new pieces are completed, put them in the frames while leaving the old ones behind the new. So, you not only have a great way to display these beautiful pictures, you’re able to hold onto the old ones as well.

2) Scan them to your computer and keep a file on everything they do. This way you can save them, make them into screen savers, and even email them to doting grandparents (who’ll swear their grandchild is the next Rembrandt).

3) Spray it with hair spray and then press it between contact paper for instant placemats

4) Paste the drawing/painting around an empty coffee can for decorative storage / organizers

5) Punch holes in the work and keep a binder, separated by year / age

6) Using paper clips or clothes pins, attach the works of art to a string or clothesline to be draped around a playroom or bedroom like a border.

And my personal favorite…

7) Scan the artwork and send it into for your very own, usable, actual postage stamps.

***A Note to the Chorus of “Who has time for all of that??”. If you have time to head to Kohls or Marshalls to buy some commonplace reprint that has no sentimental value other than the fact that it compliments the couch, make time to hold onto your future Picasso’s masterpieces now.

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