Thursday, February 21, 2008

Celebrity Mommies- The Down Low on J. Lo

Riding the wave of public interest in celebrity bumps and baby names, reports are surfacing that People magazine, a paragon of professional journalism, is negotiating a six million dollar deal with J Lo and Marc Anthony for pictures of their new family soon after the birth of their twins. This deal is just one of many that not only helps to exploit children, but fuel the fascination over all things celebrity (yes, I am fully aware of the irony here).

The first big name deal came with Brad and Angelina's photo layout in People after the birth of their youngest child, Shiloh. The couple negotiated a four million dollar deal and promptly donated the money to one of their many charitable foundations. So, why write about another photo deal now that the practice proves commonplace?

Because I have a problem with Jennifer Lopez.

That's right, Jenny from the block claims to be a home grown girl who has never forgotten her roots despite that fact that she has completely blinged out leaves (or, bedazzled as Sutty would reference). However, this local hero seems to be lacking in one area that traditionally illustrates a successful person's show of support: donations.

That's right...Jennifer Lopez attended Preston High School in the East Bronx, an all girls school that not only helps its young girls to become sensational, accomplished women, but also claims a very large Puerto Rican population amongst their student body. These particular girls look up to J Lo as a role model and someone they wish to emulate.

This idol, however, has never once visited the school nor donated money (for scholarships, improvements, the arts, etc), and rarely even acknowledges her alma mater. How can this be? Even the slightest gesture would mean so much to this school, to these students.

And that leaves me wondering about what she does do with the wealth she's amassed from record sales, movie ticket sales (not much, I imagine), profits from her clothing line and fragrances, endorsements, and the rest. And, what I wonder, will she do with another six million?

I promise not to be fooled by the rocks that she's got, but don't think I'll be fooled by the rest either.

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OnceAJerseyGirlToo said...

Speaking of blocks, mine is home to two proud Preston High School graduates (Class of '89 rock on!). They come form a long line line of Preston Women, and their nieces are currently enrolled. Upon meeting the two young girls, I attempted to dazzle them with my vast knowledge of their school, which I obtained courtesy of our hostess. Not surprisingly, however, they did not want to discuss the fact that I went to see "Hamlet" with their English teachers, their priority was informing me (and more importantly the many girls their age within an ear-shot) that Jennifer Lopez attended their school. They went on and on about letter writing campaigns to get her to sing at their prom (just one song) and to come to graduation (just a little speech) but like many rumors in high school, her potential appearances were merely legendary. While I'd like to think that if I had her stardom, and if you've seen my moves you know I should, I would show my face or open my wallet for my high school (Go Angels!). However, if that were not a possibility (my imagined popularity being too great a security risk for the students and nuns) I would like to think that I would, at the very least, write back to the girls who want nothing more than my acknowledgment.