Thursday, February 21, 2008

For my little man...

My little man is officially 8 months old today (they grow up so fast!) and I could not be prouder! He is feeding himself, standing while holding onto the coffee table, and he’s just completed his first novel. My heart swells….

So, I just have one little request for my pint size bruiser….a tooth. Just one. Please?

In honor of his latest milestone, and for mothers of sons everywhere, here are a few fun facts:

- Two out of five men admit to being a “mama’s boy”
- 72% of men think their mother is beautiful
- 93% of men say, if they were given the choice of changing moms, they’d stick with the one they’ve got


- One in three started a fist fight with a kid for insulting his mom
- 95% of those boys said they clobbered the creep

Source: Menstuff

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OnceAJerseyGirlToo said...

On the dentally challenged...
My husband's best friend's son went to his first year appointment toothless. The doctor, whom we go to as well, declared he was the first toothless one-year old he has seen in his 30 years as a pediatrician. While we all try not to be competitive, we pushed our own son, Brendan, to grow teeth so that he could go to his one-year appointment two months later with at least one pearly-white. He proved the theory that children, when pressured in one direction, will rebel in the other. We arrived on a blustery November morning and our bewildered doctor looked in his empty one-year old mouth amazed that yet another one of his tiny patients was, in fact, all gums. A freak of nature? Possibly. Proof that my husband and best friend of 27 years have created a second set of kindred spirits in their image? Maybe. A side effect of both of our family's moves from ritzy Westchester County, NY to modest (and rural) Putnam County, NY where the toothless have known to reign? Definitely.