Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Random Statistic

A recent online poll conducted by Parents magazine found that, when asked who they’d rather travel with, a whopping 79% of mothers opted for their children over their husbands.


Now, I love my children more than life itself and they are actually awesome in the car (with the help of some choice CDs and DVDs). We take family trips all the time and the memories we’ve made are what I consider to be the greatest gifts anyone could ever give me.

However, the last time I checked, I did not need to make periodic stops to feed and change my husband’s diaper (I’m spoiled, I know). As much as I love our family trips, there is something to be said for having time for just the two of you. In fact, whenever we do go out alone, it feels like we’re playing hookie and forces us to realize how important it is to make time for each other. Being good to each other is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children.

So, I decided to have a little fun with this and play the other side’s position with a top five list of reasons kids are better to travel with than husbands.

Here we go…

5) With your kids, there will be no arguing over who will drive, unless, of course, you either live in Kentwood, Louisiana or subscribe to the Brittney Spears School of Parenting, If the latter is the case, you should absolutely let your child drive. It’s country, y’all.
4) Even though listening to kids tunes will make the ride easier on everyone, you do have the last say on what comes out of the speakers. With your husband, such a deliberation could make for great footage on Court TV because, even though he may not admit it publicly, he likes Kelly Clarkson and he expects you to as well, damn it!
3) If the kids fall asleep, many of us welcome a rare moment of quiet thoughts. If your spouse falls asleep, you either resent the fact that he gets a nap or, worse, wonder how the heck you’re going to explain how Daddy managed to kill Bambi as the car momentarily coasted into a nearby farm.
2) If you get lost with the kids it’s an “adventure” made manageable by inserting a DVD from your reliable, vehicular library. With your spouse, on the other hand, it’s a veritable blame game filled with expletives, “I told you sos”, and more expletives. The only adventure there involves the exploration into whose potty mouth is more colorful.
1) When a foul odor presents itself, at least the kids provide for obvious scapegoats.
However, if the two of you shared a similar cuisine, maybe you will have a little
adventure after all…

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