Monday, February 18, 2008

The Intervention- Part III

Given the success of the first half of our day, we continued with the same approach for the second half: family, fun, and, hopefully, fatigue. And then we waited….

Would there be a meltdown? How would we handle it? And, where, sweet mercy, did we put those back-up pacifiers???

Once again….nothing. Not even a question this time. Our little girl simply drank some milk, read some books, sang some songs, and said goodnight. What was this? Is she planning a middle of the night retaliation? Is she just lulling us into some false sense of accomplishment? Or, is it what I should have known all along…

We completely underestimated her.

As with potty training and long trips in the car, it seems when I assume things will get tough that she proves me wrong. And, of course, when I expect something that I might consider basic (sitting nicely in a grocery cart and not taking the food from our cart and putting it in someone else’s when I’m not looking) she surprises me with non-compliance.

I have to say I am more than a little shocked…and still waiting for that shoe to drop. But maybe, just maybe, the steel toed boot kicker I was expecting is really only a hush puppy…and it’s about time I gave my little girl a little more credit.

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