Monday, April 27, 2009


O just got back from her first trip to the dentist (yes, I know I'm a few months late.....) but:

1) Dr. Andy Berman of Kids First Dentistry was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) O did AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Joseph is scheduled for his first appointment next week!

~~~~ Apparently, despite a pediatrician's recommendation of 3 for the first dental check-up, the American Something of Dentistry now says 18 months!

Yeah, teeth!

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Samantha said...

Our pediatrician acknowledged the recommended age for the first exam by the ADA or whomever (and I feel like I even heard one recommendation that you take them as soon as they cut a tooth (!) ), but felt like there was no point in terrifying them before they could understand - at least somewhat - what was going on, so we took ours at 3. We LOVE our pediatric dentist too... she even made my 7 year-old's last visit, during which she had to have two baby teeth pulled, pretty easy!